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International Minimalism Day at January 1st

International Minimalism Day is celebrated on January 1st every year. It has the motto “Minimalism is for everyone” and is an awareness day that draws attention to minimalism as a lifestyle. Minimalists all over the world are demanding a holistic approach to minimalism that encourages focus on the essentials. For the first anniversary in 2023, the focus topic was “conscious consumption” with the call “Stop consuming, start living”. In particular, we wanted to point out that the consumer-oriented affluent society in which people live in western industrialized countries is an artificially created situation.

The second International Minimalism Day 2024 focuses on the fulfillment of our basic needs with the call “Let’s focus on essentials”.

The world we live in has evolved into an unnatural place where we are victims of overconsumption. With the first International Day of Minimalism, we want to send a friendly reminder that we should celebrate our basic needs and urgently put a stop to excessive consumption.

Jasmin Mittag, Founder Initiator of the International Minimalism Day

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We gather to tune in to a minimalist 2023

We celebrate the first International Minimalism Day with the motto “Minimalism is for everyone”. Our focus topic is conscious consumption. We want to inspire each other and provide you with input. Join us and get in the vibe for a minimalist 2023. Get inspired. Everyone is welcome. 

The event will last no longer than 1 hour and is free of charge. The number of participants is limited. Please make sure your camera and sound are working. We are looking forward to seeing you!

We celebrate the International Minimalism Day at January 1st 2023. Take part at our Online-Event! 

6am PST (Los Angeles | USA)
9am EST (New York | USA)
11am BRT (São Paulo | Brazil)
2pm GMT (London | UK)
3pm CET (Paris | France)
4pm IST (Tel Aviv | Israel)
9pm ICT (Bangkok | Thailand)
11pm JST (Tokyo | Japan)

This year we decided to offer an event in German at International Minimalism Day at January 1st. It will take place at 6pm German time/ Central European Time.


Stop consuming, start living!