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Minimalism is for everyone.

Hi! My name is Jasmin, I’m an activist and artist from Germany. Minimalism as a philosophy of life fascinates me. After speaking to hundreds of minimalists over a period of 8 years, I wrote the Minimalism Manifesto.

I am certain that there is a minimalist in every person. In my German podcast show I report on my minimalist self-experiments. With the project “the one thing” I ask people all over the world about their favorite object to make them think about important things in their lives.
My vision is to build a worldwide network of people who lead conscious lives. That’s why I initiated the International Minimalism Day and founded the Minimalism Community. I also advise companies with an eye on social, ecological and economic factors. I enjoy giving lectures and workshops and I look forward to collaborating, sharing, and building an inspiring international Minimalism Community with you.


“The Minimalism Manifesto” Audiobook

Everyone who knows me knows how fascinated I am by minimalism as a philosophy of life. After having conversations with hundreds of minimalists over the last eight years, I have formulated 11 principles for conscious living and published them in the Minimalism Manifesto.

The English version is now being published as an audio book. They can be heard free of charge on the “Minimalism Community” channel on YouTube and on all common podcast portals such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.


11 principles for a conscious living

I firmly believe: Minimalism is the best companion you can have in your life journey. As a fixed star it shows you the way and guides you on your own unique personal adventure. Minimalism inspires you to focus on what really matters to you and it helps you not to stray from your personal path, because, in our consumption-oriented, over-abundant society, many distractions and obstacles await us.
With this manifesto I draw the constellation in the minimalist map. I inspire you to look at the stars with me and follow the call: Stop consuming and start living!

Read my Minimalism Manifesto to find out what has empowered and motivated me and other minimalists I met along the way.


International Minimalism Day at January 1st

International Minimalism Day is celebrated on January 1st every year. It has the motto “Minimalism is for everyone” and is an awareness day that draws attention to minimalism as a lifestyle. Minimalists all over the world are demanding a holistic approach to minimalism that encourages focus on the essentials. For the first anniversary in 2023, the focus topic was “conscious consumption” with the call “Stop consuming, start living”. In particular, we wanted to point out that the consumer-oriented affluent society in which people live in western industrialized countries is an artificially created situation.

The second International Minimalism Day 2024 focuses on the fulfillment of our basic needs with the call “Let’s focus on essentials”.

The world we live in has evolved into an unnatural place where we are victims of overconsumption. With the first International Day of Minimalism, we want to send a friendly reminder that we should celebrate our basic needs and urgently put a stop to excessive consumption.

Jasmin Mittag, Initiator of the International Minimalism Day

We celebrate the next International Minimalism Day at January 1st 2025. Sign up for the newsletter to get informed in advanced about what we are planning! 


What is „the one thing“ you don’t want to live without?

As part of the “the one thing” project, I portray people with their favorite object: around 80 photo portraits have been taken worldwide. With the project “the one thing” I would like to inspire everyone to think about what is really important in their lives.

What do I really need? What has a meaning in my life? In our consumption-oriented society we usually have more things than we actually need. Around 100 years ago, a family had an average of just 180 items in their household. Today the average European person is estimated to own around 10,000 things. The number of our possessions has increased rapidly, especially since the 1950s.

What would you pick as your favorite item? Have a look at the answers of others:


We are all born as minimalists

We all come into this world without any possessions or habits. We cannot take anything with us to the afterlife except our experiences. Therefore man has a natural interest in experiencing, not in possessing. That means there are currently more than 8 billion minimalists living on earth.



(December 2022)

With our minimalism community we want to inspire people to return to this natural state and join the international movement.

Minimalism is fun and does not mean doing without, but an enrichment. Minimalism is what you make of it. It’s about living a conscious life. It’s not about owning as few things as possible. Minimalism inspires you to focus on what really matters to you. In our Minimalism Community we meet regularly to share ideas and inspire each other in all areas of life.


Be part of the movement

We are keen to exchange ideas about minimalism with you. Our vision is to bring together people interested in minimalism as a lifestyle. Tell us your wishes for the international Minimalism Community.

What means minimalism to you?

Each person fills minimalism with their own habits, beliefs and values. We want to collect your ideas and present them here and in our newsletter. What means minimalism to you? Please share your perspective with us. We can’t wait for your answer!

What is your vision for the Minimalism Community?

Our upcoming Minimalism Community Platform is a network for minimalists around the globe. We cocreate an inspiring community and want you to be in. What is your vision for the platform? Let us know. We are curious and will consider them!

Our Minimalism Community platform is coming soon!
Stay tuned, stay curious!

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How can I inspire you?


The saying “less is more” is on everyone’s lips. But I believe “less is less and more is more”. I’m happy to share my experiences, conclusions and perspectives on the minimalist lifestyle with you and your audience in workshops and at events of all kinds.


With my network advise companies, institutions and organizations on minimalism, sustainability and equality. We create concepts for company structures, products, marketing and media, taking into account social, ecological and economic aspects. 


Our vision is a global community platform where people who are passionate about minimalism can learn, grow and build relationships. Join to move forward in your understanding of minimalism, co-create meaningful content and inspire others.


My path to minimalism as a lifestyle

Many roads lead to minimalism. For a long time I couldn’t do anything with minimalism because it didn’t offer any area of identification for me. My minimalist journey started in 2015 when I went to the minimalism roundtable in my hometown Hanover in Germany. I was instantly on fire and started to co-organize it. I’ve come to understand that minimalism isn’t about doing without, it’s about focusing on what’s meaningful.
Like most people who are starting to get interested in minimalism, I started by thinking about conscious consumption and sorting out my belongings. I tried all kinds of methods and challenges. In 2019 I dared my personal “100 days – 100 things” experiment. I boxed everything but 11 things from my apartment and took them to my basement, allowing myself to take one thing back for each day. I then carried out further minimalist self-experiments, which I report on in my German podcast show “Minimalismus JETZT!”.