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My path to minimalism as a lifestyle

Many roads lead to minimalism. I used to not be able to do much with minimalism because it didn’t offer any area of identification for me. My minimalist journey started in 2015 when I went to the minimalism roundtable in my hometown Hanover in Germany. I was instantly on fire and started to co-organize it. I’ve come to understand that minimalism isn’t about doing without, it’s about focusing on what’s meaningful.
Like most people who are starting to get interested in minimalism, I started by thinking about conscious consumption and sorting out my belongings. I tried all kinds of methods and challenges. In 2019 I dared my personal “100 days – 100 things” experiment. I boxed everything but 11 things from my apartment and took them to my basement, allowing myself to take one thing back for each day.
I then carried out further minimalist self-experiments, which I report on in my German podcast show “Minimalismus JETZT!”. A carefree life has given me space to explore what is important to me personally in other areas of life. I now see minimalism as a philosophy of life that is an inspiration for all areas of life.

The outer freedom after detaching from things has led to inner freedom. I ventured on my personal journey to see what other countries have to offer. Today I live and work independent of location and explore different forms of housing and living. I photograph people all over the world for my photo exhibition “the one thing”. I give lectures and workshops on the topic of minimalism as a lifestyle and advise institutions and companies that want to design and communicate more mindful and fair offers.

What minimalism means to me

I see minimalism as the future lifestyle and believe minimalism is for everyone. Minimalism is asking all of us two important questions: 1. What is really important for you? 2. How do you deal with resources? From this perspective, minimalism can be applied to all areas of life. It supports us in taking on social responsibility and shaping our own lives according to values that are significant to us.

The charming thing about it is: Minimalism is what you make of it. It’s about living a conscious life. For me, being a minimalist isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s also a mindset and a philosophy. I am happy, if you read my Minimalism Manifesto where I unfold more about my perspective on minimalism.

“At the moment I try different styles of living and have 111 items in a small suitcase and a backpack with me.”

Jasmin Mittag

For a long time I didn’t really know much about the term minimalism if it wasn’t about art, music or architecture. I didn’t have much in common with the people who are shown in reports and only have the magic number of 100 items. As an artist and activist, I was always happy when I had lots of materials to work with.

But then I went to the minimalism roundtable in my hometown in 2015. I’m your typical creative slob, and I thought minimalism could help me create more order and structure. My theory was that if I own fewer things, I can create less chaos.
When I was talking to others, it suddenly clicked for me. Minimalism is not about owning as little as possible, but rather focusing on what is essential to you. And what is essential for me, I decide for myself! From that moment I was hooked and realized that I had been living minimalist values ​​for a long time. For example, since 2012 I have organized swap markets to avoid consumption and to inspire others. I immediately started co-organizing the minimalism roundtable. Over time, I became more and more involved with minimalism as a lifestyle and reported on my self-experiments from decluttering to digital mindfulness in my German podcast show. Speaking publicly about minimalism, giving workshops and finding creative ways to bring the topic to the people has become one of my passions.


What I offer

Over the past 20 years, I have been able to gain a wide range of professional and private experience. Minimalism has become an enrichment for me in every respect, which I am happy to pass on.
I have gotten to know many companies, institutions and organizations from different sides. With my diverse experience, it is easy for me to adopt and consider different perspectives in consulting, public speaking and campaigning. I create concepts for corporate structures, products, marketing strategies and media coverage, taking into account social, ecological and economic aspects. 


The saying “less is more” is on everyone’s lips. But I believe “less is less and more is more”. I am happy to share my experiences, conclusions and perspectives on the minimalist lifestyle with you and your audience in workshops and at events of all kinds.


I advise companies, institutions and organizations on minimalism, sustainability and equality. I create concepts for company structures, products, marketing and media, taking into account social, ecological and economic aspects. 


My vision is a global community platform where people who are passionate about minimalism can learn, grow and build relationships. Join to move forward in your understanding of minimalism, co-create meaningful content and inspire others.