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Be part of the movement

Our vision is to create a global community platform where people who are passionate about minimalism can learn, grow, meet, connect and build relationships. As passionate minimalists, we also want to change the current understanding of minimalism as a lifestyle.
Minimalism is a positive label. It is fun, inspiring and not a renunciation but an enrichment. Minimalism is what you make of it. It’s about living a conscious life. It’s not about owning as less as possible. It’s about focussing on what matters to you. 

We are all born as minimalists. So the world is already home to more than 8 billion minimalists. Everyone should come back to this natural state of being a minimalist! Become a member of our community if you would like support and want to walk the path together with others. Be a part. Participate. Co-create. Bring your understanding of minimalism, engage with minimalism and get involved in the international movement. We are happy to have you.


What you can expect?

We rely on mutual inspiration. That’s why it’s important to us that all members actively contribute to the community within the scope of their possibilities.


Every active member has a personal profile. Here you can present yourself and the topics that are close to your heart and get in touch with like-minded people.


Our events are an essential part of our community. We offer special formats for active members to meet your needs. Use your time purposefully and be there.


Every area of life can be viewed from a minimalist perspective. Together with you, we collect, organize and create information on the essential minimalistic topics.


Our wish to the community is: Let’s enjoy the present together and have a fulfilling time in which we lay the foundations for our future and future generations.


Our Minimalism Community events

Our community events are an essential part of our network. At the beginning we offer two interesting monthly formats:

  1. Mini Talks
  2. Mini Meetups

Our Mini Talks provide you with valuable input on an area of life from a minimalist perspective. Afterwards we offer the opportunity for exchange between the members. The mini-talks always take place on the first of every month. We record the input so that you as a member can enjoy the content regardless of the time.

In our Mini Meetups you have the opportunity to meet other minimalists and exchange ideas about topics that move you.


Why you should be part of the community?

  • Get easily connected with like-minded people from all over the world
  • Start from scratch and learn about minimalism as a lifestyle
  • Share your knowledge with others, support and be a mentor
  • Be part of the movement and contribute your understanding of minimalism to the community
  • Have fun!

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Our Minimalism Community platform is coming soon!
Stay tuned, stay curious!

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Be part of the movement

What is your vision for the Minimalism Community?

Our upcoming Minimalism Community Platform is a network for minimalists around the globe. We cocreate an inspiring community and want you to be in. What is your vision for the platform? Let us know. We are curious and will consider them!